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Gold Coast SEO Strategy

I have been providing full time SEO services for 20+ years with SEO of Gold Coast websites. Also SEO strategies for clients Australia wide and internationally including 5 star beach hotels. I enjoy professional development in the field of SEO for hotel executives on the Gold Coast. Get your free Gold Coast SEO review or invite our SEO strategy consultant to meet in your Gold Coast hotel board room while providing valuable feedback about on page SEO improvements to your Gold Coast hotel website.

With the growth number of the number of Gold Coast hotel websites, not to mention OTA sites about the Gold Coast, it is imperative not to waive the white flag to OTAs.  According to the website “Internet Live Stats”, there are 1,678,784,989 websites at the time of writing this article in 2019.


It’s really important to divert commissions paid to OTAs to directly invest in SEO strategies of your own Gold Coast hotel website. Benefits of Gold Coast hotel SEO include getting hotel guest data for remarketing later, and huge saving on OTA commissions with direct bookings. Gold Coast hotel SEO services also delivers guest loyalty and your Gold Coast hotel brand marketing rather than that of the OTA’s.