With Gold Coast cloud backup services, offsite backups are secure and easy to restore quickly in an emergency even after hours. Your Goldcoast business will be operational quickly for staff and good customer experiences without delay.   Arinda IT, you can eliminate the chances of data loss at a cost that is lower than most Australian insurance policies. See our service and pricing options for offsite cloud backup services on the Gold Coast. Find the best fit for your important business data with reliable secure servers, in a secure Gold Coast data centre while being supported by helpful, friendly IT support staff, all at affordable prices suited to your business’s IT budget and needs.
  • Local Gold Coast cloud backup service
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Gold Coast Data Security with High Encryption
  • Frequent Incremental Backups
  • Quick Restoration Times
  • Gold Coast Data Security Experts’ Technical Support

Military Grade Encryption

15min backup increments

Fast Data Recovery

Powered by Award Winning StorageCraft Software

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Gold Coast hospitality/hotel accommodation, tourism businesses know how important tourist booking and personal information data protection is. Mandatory Data Breach Notification is legislation requiring any business or organisation covered by the Australian Privacy Act to notify affected individuals of breaches to personal information that have the potential to cause serious harm. This could include things as seemingly-trivial as a stolen USB or mobile phone that holds personal customer data, a database containing personal information is hacked or a personal email is sent to the wrong person. Has your hotel ever done that? If the breach could lead to the serious harm of a client, a data breach notification may be issued. Under the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme, any infringements to the Privacy Act must also be notified to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, who will consider the evidence in order to determine if further action is required. Although some Gold Coast businesses may be exempt from this new legislation, the OAIC is advising all Gold Coast businesses to conduct an internal audit of their informational security structures and to strengthen preventative action where required. The EU has toughend up regulations with companies doing business in Europe. The EU introduced legislation: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Does your hotel get tourists from Europe? Does your hotel website collect cookie data? If yes you need to know more.

If your Gold Coast tourism business would like a privacy / security audit of your IT systems, then don’t hesitate to phone our Gold Coast data security services manager on 1300 882 780. We have IT data security experts at offices in major Australian cities ready to help secure your data and IT systems including routers, servers, networks, software, company user policy, etc.

Not only is data protection important to protect the personal information of tourists booking into Gold Coast hotel accommodation but loss of forward booking information and bookkeeping data would be catastrophic for business. Phone us now on 1300 882 780 for cloud back up of your Gold Coast hotel data to have peace of mind.

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Coast Cloud Backup Service Benefits

    1. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Our cloud data backup solutions are powered by multi-award winning StorageCraft Software. As a proud StorageCraft Partner, we are to be able to offer several cloud data backup solutions, perfect for all business sizes.
    2. Quick Setup and Recovery – We will send one of our engineers to your office to ensure everything is set up without you lifting a finger. Our active involvement means setup and recovery times are minimised. You don’t need to wait for an initial snapshot of your data to be uploaded through your internet connection as you would with most internet based solutions.
    3. 24/7 Monitoring – In the event that something goes wrong with the cloud backup process, (internet connection failure for example) we will know right away! We constantly monitor the entire process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our cloud backup servers.
    4. 24/7 Disaster Recovery – If your server’s hardware fails, we can load your data onto replacement hardware ASAP so that your staff can get back to work as quickly as physically possible. This is the beauty of cloud backups. Our head office is located in Tweed Heads for servicing IT support services in the area including Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We also have offices in major capital cities of Australia. If we need to get to your office in the middle of the night to restore your server, we can. Other cloud backup providers may not have offices locally on the Gold Coast or in your Australian city. Restoring your data could take days.
    5. Our Hybrid Remote Backup Service – Your data is backed up onsite and offsite, so if a file is accidentally deleted, recovery is as quick and simple as a transfer between two hard drives.

Cloud Backup Features

    1. Continuous Backups – Data is backed up every 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
    2. Version Recovery – Recover old versions of any file you need.
    3. Recover from Date – Recover a file the way it was 3 months ago.
    4. Save your Bandwidth – Block level incremental backups allow the changes to each file to be sent to the cloud, saving a large amount of internet bandwidth.
    5. Extremely Quick Recovery – Complete hard drive images are backed up, substantially reducing recovery time if a hard drive fails.
    6. Error Checking – Your backups are constantly checked to ensure that no errors go unnoticed.
    7. Data Centre Housed in Australia – Unlike Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and others, your data does not leave Australia… physically or legally.
    8. Military Grade Encryption – Your data is encrypted with an AES 256-bit encryption before it\\\’s sent to our servers.
    9. Triple Redundancy –  Our Servers themselves are backed up.
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