SEO can be an amazing tool to quickly grow your business, but the right SEO strategy needs to be found! Arinda IT can provide a clear picture of your SEO options and expectations.
  • Tailor Made Marketing Approaches
  • Regular & Detailed SEO Reports
  • Measurable Growth Reports
  • Complete Plan Scalability (up and down)
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Our SEO Services

Our tailor made Internet Marketing Plans can accelerate your business growth and provide you with an unmatched return on investment!

We can provide a wide range of Internet Marketing Solutions for your business such as:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – An ongoing process to bring your website to the top of competitive search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • Search Engine Marketing – The process of creating paid advertisements shown in search engines and various websites. Google’s famous brand name for pay per click marketing is “Adwords
  • Social Media Marketing – Creating campaigns on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn and others that get people talking about your products.

So what SEO do we actually do?

The process of SEO changes over time since search engines change the parameters that determine who is at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) change. We adapt to search engine up-dates to get the best results. The general process is as follows:

  • With keyword research we determine the best keywords to use for your digital marketing campaign. Keywords are the words that someone might type into search engines to find your website. We want to find the ones which have a high number of searches without being extremely competitive. We will consult with you to choose the best keywords and then choose pages on your website to assign to each keyword.
  • We set up tracking software on your website to record everything from page visits to the amount of time spent on each page and even how the visitors found your website. We also know if the website visits came from Perth or from another location in Australia.
  • We optimise each page of your website according to the keywords that searchers target. Optimisation includes the prominent wording on the page, the image descriptions, titles, page load times, page lengths, links and many more parameters.
  • We start working on the easier keywords to get some traffic flowing to your website and work our way up to the more difficult ones. This is done by making connections from reliable websites back to your website. Search engines know that if well known websites are willing to put links to your website on theirs, your website must hold some credibility!
  • We provide you with a monthly report and your dedicated account manager will contact you to explain the results and get feedback for the next month’s work.
  • We assess the most profitable areas of your campaign and concentrate on those areas. Less profitable areas are “pruned” and the return on investment increases.
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