Does Your Sales Process Fail to Close Better?

Sales training by is the best way to learn how to create an outbound sales email and incorporate a selling technique. A good salesperson always uses sales techniques that are understood and practised by his or her team. To sell successfully, salespeople must also be able to sell themselves. Sales training is essential to impart these skills to others in the business.

Sales Process

An outbound sales process is simply a series of repeatable, action steps that an experienced salesperson takes to get a potential customer from the initial stage of awareness to closing sales.

In most cases, a sales process contains 5-7 basic steps: Preparation, Prospecting, Approach, Presentation, and handling objections. The key is that each step is tightly explained and implemented using language that can be understood by most people.

Most salespeople know how to make these five steps and sound as if they were talking in front of a group of friends.

When preparing for a sales process, you should first determine what needs to be accomplished for each step. It’s helpful to put down notes and to record your thought process as you go. 

Some sales reps have pre-written scripts for each of these steps, but it’s also important to adapt these scripts as the circumstances change, taking into consideration how customers may react. In the preparation stage, you should consider what impression you want to create. Do you need to establish a theme?

Sales Scripts

In the next steps, you should outline your approach. You can use scripts or describe specific behaviours that you want your potential customer to use to identify your company. 

For example, you might say, “You’ll notice that we’ve taken great measures to ensure that the quality of our work has been great.” 

Or, “Our sales process provides a great return on investment.” If you don’t know how to effectively describe what you want, research other successful companies and then incorporate their principles and best practices into your own sales process.


In the Follow-Up phase, you should identify your goals for the sales process. For example, “We want to make sure that our sales representatives are knowledgeable about the products that we sell.” Or, “To ensure that our representatives are knowledgeable about how to best communicate with the customer.” Be specific about how you plan to measure your success: are you looking at surveys to determine how effective your sales reps are? 

Using metrics can help you make your goals more tangible and get more value out of your sales process.

Finally, in the defined sales process, you should identify how you will follow up with prospects after the sale is completed. You might follow up with a thank-you letter, send a follow-up email, or call the prospects a few days later to see how they are. 

Remember that the purpose of a follow-up call or email is not to sell, but rather to simply establish a good rapport with the prospect so that you can further discuss the details of the sales offer. 

By doing this right from the start, you’ll save yourself time and effort by not having to focus on how to close the sale after the fact.

Other Tips

Of course, there are many reasons why sales training can benefit your sales team. One, it allows them to improve on their core skills, which will result in more favourable results for your business. 

Two, it allows salespeople to explore new sales territory. Finally, it gives new salespeople the chance to test sales techniques and sales tools in a safe setting. But regardless of the reason, there are things that every coach and sales manager can do to improve their new outbound sales process.

For more tips and in-depth training visit expers for professional sales and cold calling training with proven techniques. In general, a good sales process starts by defining the buyer and what the prospective buyer needs. 

Then the coach and reps develop a plan to address those needs in terms that are realistic and understandable to everyone involved. Then they set realistic expectations, which must be kept. 

Finally, they set a deadline for each step of the sales process, which provides a sense of urgency to both the buyer and the rep. Follow these steps and check out a company like Precision Outbound, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a process that leads to more business and more income for your organization.