How to Reset Router

When you have had a power outage, it is always helpful to know how to reset the router. There are various reasons that power outages occur, but if the outage is for more than twenty-four hours, it may be necessary to know how to reset the router. This article discusses this issue in more detail.

Reset Using a Browser

You can reset the router through your web browser at any time when the problem occurs. If the outage is caused by a loss of power, you can log into your computer using the internet connection and you will see the status page of your computer. At this page, you will see whether you are in a web-based session or if you are connected to a wired Ethernet connection.

Wired connections are the most common, and your computer may be able to get online without any problem. If your computer is not working properly, then you should try to reset the router to its default settings. This is often one of the first things to do if you have had a power outage for an extended period.

Wireless connections, on the other hand, are almost always more complicated. If you have had a wireless outage, it will help if you first look at your wireless configuration. If you have configured your router so that it automatically connects to the internet, then you should go to your computer’s Control Panel and click on Network. If you have not connected the router to the internet, you should do this before attempting to reset the router.

Configuring the Router

Wireless configurations are usually best performed manually. First, you need to ensure that your router is connected to your home network. On your home computer, click on the Start button, then click on Control Panel. Click on Network Connections, then click on Connections. Once connected, you should check to see if your wireless network is enabled.

How to Reset Router

Most computers will automatically connect to a wireless network once it is enabled. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If your computer does not automatically connect to a wireless network, you should enable the setting. To do this, simply click on the icon of the Wi-Fi icon, and then select the button that says Configure Internet Connection.

Next, you should open the Properties dialog box for the wireless network you just enabled. Under the General tab, click on Network, then select the Wireless icon.

Username and Password

If you have previously configured your router, you have likely entered the same username and password for your wireless network. This is fine. You can leave these two settings as they are. If you have entered a new password, you should change it to a strong password that is randomly generated.

If you forget your password, then you should reboot your computer, go to the router’s administrator section and then enter the password that you need to reset the wireless network. Sometimes changing a password is enough to restore the router to its default settings.

Once the router has been rebooted, you should plug the router back into the power source. Power off the computer completely, and then allow the router to do its reset. You should then plug the computer into the wired network adapter and then plug the router into the new wireless connection.

Wired Connection

Wired connections are typically easier to get working if you have a computer that has been configured correctly. If you have a wireless adapter, then you will need to connect the computer to the router. On the computer, open the network settings by clicking the start button, clicking Control Panel, then clicking Network Connections. In the network connection page, click on the Wireless tab, and then click on the Connect button.

Once connected, you should then select the name of the wireless network from the Wireless tab. If all goes well, you should then click on the Settings button and then select the Password option.

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